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Philips Hue: 

A 30 seconds commercial branding for the launch of Philips HUE lightbulbs.


Create a series of frames which communicates the key features of Philips HUE lightbulbs, while simultaneously develop a visual language for future applications in a campaign. 

Artboard 8.png

Inspired by color psycology and how light can inluence one’s

mood. Creating dreamscape worlds that reflects the certain

mood and color that is being communicated.

I visioned this piece to be very calming while the lights changed. Really focusing on those in between moments when lighting up.
And here is a low resolution motion test for this piece
Based on my concept PersonalizeI wanted to model a simple yet elegant room that can be referenced in different shots. Each of a color represented a different mood, such as yellow is energetic, green is calm and red is passion. 
(Please ignore my messy handwriting with the nonsense  notes :,/// )


As you can see, I had the general composting in mind from the very Strat. The details such as flowers, type of chairs came later on to reflect the mood of each environment.

For example, red means passions, therefore I chose a bar stool. Green represents calmness and easy going, thus I chose a comfortable couch chair. 


here are some frames where I stated lighting and art directing where each element should go. Flowers, light intensity, text etc. 

final look

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