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A personal project focused on lighting and texturing


I WANT TO DO SOME 3D! So I came up with some boundaries/ brief for myself. One, use a story as an inspiration. Two, create something that is a it darker in color. Three, less than 15s.

After creating a few mind maps and conducting inspirational research, I settled on the tale of Snow White consuming the fateful apple, resulting in an eternal slumber. This narrative somehow brought to mind the concept of avarice, highlighting how frequently we overlook our current blessings while continuously pursuing seemingly flawless and alluring things.



Here is a style/texture test from the very beginning. I liked the light colors, the simplicity of this frame. But then, I remembered the brief, something darker.  


first attempt

After finishing the first shot, I put a few frames into Photoshop, wanting to add more flare to them, and then use EbSynth to modify the rest of the frames. Even though I really liked the result, the concept and brief, to me, called for something more sleek and classy. 

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