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A 3D animation piece focused on organic modeling


Learn the basics of organic modeling in Cinema 4D, create a model that ties in with your animation.


With the freedom of creating anything we want, I really wanted to bring my passion for nail art into this piece. Therefore I decided to modify a basic hand model to my liking, and really focus on the designs on the nails. 


Here is the first pass of my animatic, first time seeing how everything is laid out. On top of the hands, I designed a little scene for the arm to be in. 

From here, I noticed some shots are too random and messy, also the animation of the hand needs to be timed out better.

After lighting and texturing, figuring out what colors I wanted my scene to be, I ended up with the final look in the animation

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 3.11.55 PM.png

phoenix project

Later on in my study, in our Compositing class senior year, we were tasked to revise on a project we have done before. Now using tools such as Redshift and doing the final composite in Nuke.

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